About F-Interop

F-Interop Video Introduction

The video offers an insight into the work and goals of the project as well as introducing the different partners involved.
Partner: EANTC









2nd Call Webinar Slides

The video goes into more details about the 2nd Open Call, what we are looking for in proposals, and what tools can be tested.
Partner: Digital Catapult










F-Interop Testing Tool Demonstrators

CoAP Interoperability Testing Demonstration (user-to-user)

This video shows how to execute an interoperability test session between a CoAP client and a CoAP server, each implementation driven by a different user.
Partner: Inria (Federico Sismondi)









CoAP Interoperability Test Demonstration, version 2 (single-user)

This video shows how to execute an interoperability test session between a CoAP client and a CoAP server.
Partner: Inria (Federico Sismondi)









oneM2M Interoperability Testing Tool (user-to-user)

This video shows a demo of oneM2M interoperability test execution when users are connected to the F-Interop platform. One user runs a CSE (oneM2M server) and the other one runs an AE (oneM2M application).
Partner: ETSI (Ghada Gharbi)









6TiSCH Interoperability Testing Tool

This demo shows how to perform the 6TiSCH_6P_01 test on the F-Interop platform.
Partner: Inria (Chang Tengfei, Federico Sismondi)









Privacy Testing Tool

This video shows a privacy test session using the F-Interop platform.
Partner: UL (Ion Turcanu)









Performance Testing Tool

This video guides you through a performance test session and shows you how to configure, start and validate the test results.
Partner: EANTC (Chika Ngwu)










F-Interop Testing Tool Demonstrators (Contributions)

6LoWPAN (user-to-user)

KEREVAL's Open Call project (6LoRiTT)
The 6LoRiTT project by Kereval presents their work on the F-Interop platform.









6LoWPAN (single-user running both devices under test)









F-Interop SPOTS - Implementation of OSCORE profile of ACE framework

Demonstration of an implementation of OSCORE profile of ACE framework.









F-Interop SPOTS - Constrained Join Protocol Test Demonstration

Demonstration of an automated test of the Constrained Join Protocol within the F-Interop platform.









F-Interop SPOTS - OSCORE dissector and test demonstration

Demonstration of a Wireshark OSCORE dissector developed by the F-Interop SPOTS project and an OSCORE test implemented within the F-Interop 6TiSCH testing tool.